A generation of Netflix, tofu, and mindfulness

Startup Campus

Startup Campus was born at the University of the Basque Country to connect young entrepreneurs in Europe. We are the product of a generation with a desire to change the world. We have inherited many global problems, and Startup Campus is our vehicle for change.

The Campus has grown from a #BBSC18 with 300 people in Bilbao, to a community with thousands of young people in southern Europe. Our mission remains the same: to support and create the new generation of innovators.

Wellbeing pioneers

People are the protagonists of change, and that is the asset we care about most. We are the first Basque company to launch the 4-day working day to increase the productivity of our team, and to raise awareness of the importance of conciliation in an environment with as much adrenaline as entrepreneurship.

We make life easier and work more exciting. We want to become the reference model of wellbeing for startups.